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Stories Magic is a a collection of amazing, realistic and facts based stories found by Dhananjay Singh. It has been started from Dec 2021. But the work behind these facts and research started 3 years ago. To provide the real and amazing facts to the world there are lots of research, books study, news paper reading, surfing even visit have been done.

There are several research is in progress to give a new way to grow this site to make it a facts based and realistic website over the globe. Author (Dhananjay Singh) has a vision to think something different for his work, stories, realistic facts etc.

Additionally there are several research on historic moments of India you will find and learn. Almost every article of this amazing and realistic niche will give you a bulk of new thoughts over each titled topic.

StoriesMagic team working on it’s various topics and their categories to bring the facts, ideas, histories, hidden secrets, etc in article format. Dhananjay Singh is doing all round research about each topic through multiple resources and their documents.

Why You Learn Here?

  1. Interesting & Easiest fact based blog articles.
  2. This platform where you can learn about histories, realistic & most amazing topics in a very simple language.
  3. Find best articles over History, Horror Stories, Mystery, etc.
  4. Free learning and sharing Platform.
  5. You will get the knowledge about realistic facts which have been researched via various learn and documents.

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